Mechanical Engineering Services

1. Structural analysis

Simulation of the process of cold stamping

Computer simulation of the cold stamping process of a ‘bush’. The task was solved in three variants: 3D thermomechanical, 2D axisymmetric with adaptive remeshing, and 2D axisymmetric without adaptive remeshing. The parameters of the stamping process, and the stress-strain state of the parts after stamping were determined.

engineering of the process

Simulation of a cross-wedge rolling process

The research objective is construction and exploration of a computer model plastic forming process during cross-wedge rolling, this for defining the stress state characteristics and analysis elasto-plastic strains for detection of problem areas of the rolled bar. This to ensure the optimization of the rolling parameters.

cross-wedge rolling process

Simulation of a cross rolling process

The simulation of continuous rolling of a cylindrical billet. With modeling we investigated the effect of the following parameters: dragging power and tension, the axial velocity of the mandrel, the speed of rolling, and the energy-power parameters of the rolling process.

cross rolling process

Failure simulation of a welded construction

Calculating problem areas of welded constructions, which are associated with failure. Maximum loads which will lead to failure of the construction were determined.

failure simulation

Simulation of a hot forming process

Computer simulation for hot forming ball products, to identify the possibility of the plastic forming process with the given process variables. Virtual experiments were carried out for various parameters and temperatures of the workpiece.

hot forming process simulation

2. Dynamics and kinematics

Strength calculation of a tillage machine

The simulation of the behavior of an operating construction tillage machine. The studies were aimed at obtaining information on the strength, stiffness, durability, and stability parameters of the construction, as well as to determine the dynamic characteristics of the construction under the action of driving forces.

strength calculation

3. Heat-and-mass transfer analysis

Modeling the ventilation of a room

Modeling of the airflow that arises in a room when the pressure differs between two remote open windows (draft), and airflow that arises with the windows closed due to the heating of the air by batteries.

ventillation modelling

Simulation of cooling greenhouses

The simulation of influence of barriers on air flow streams in greenhouse buildings. The goal was to determine the optimum parameters of the barriers, this to ensure the best conditions for protection of the greenhouses from cold wind flows.

cooling modelling

Calculation of the flow rate characteristics of a fan

A computer simulation of air flow resulting from rotation of the rotor. The geometric model of the rotor and the rotational speed (4000 rpm), are consistent with the design and operating conditions of a standard PC cooling fan. Virtual experiments allowed us to determine the airflow through the fan and calculate the loads on the blades.

air flow simulation

4. Complex calculations

Modeling of a mixer

The calculation of strength characteristics of the cistern and rotary part of a mixer, this based with the variable of an unsteady hydrodynamic. Stress state characteristics of the cistern and rotary part of the mixer were determined.

mixer visualisation

5. Design automation

Software tool ‘Rolling’

The software tool ‘Rolling’ is intended for designing a tool for cross-wedge rolling, and preparation of data for engineering analysis in LS-DYNA finite element code. The program was written for the CAD-system of SolidWorks.